What’s On

Each year we host a variety of different activities to feed your mind, body and soul. That might come from the acts playing music; or the workshops where you get to create, learn and develop. Perhaps you’ll get involved in one of our talks; you’ll almost certainly eat some food which is exclusively cooked by the Jamie’s Farm team; the farmer’s olympics is always popular and then of course there’s how you want to enjoy the festival- however you blooming want to! As we get more details we’ll keep you posted but it’s all designed to bring us together, allow us to have fun, to think, to enjoy and be part of.



The Food Barn

The tastiest place to be at the festival! The Food Barn is all about communal feasting where you’ll be able to enjoy bountiful vegetarian feasts, BBQs, cafe delights, pizzas and much more! All of the food that you can buy at Cock & Bull is provided by Jamie’s Farm – a fact that we are very proud of.


The Kids’ Space

This year’s Kids’ Space at Cock & Bull is going to be bigger and better than ever. There will be a whole roster of activities for the younguns including toddlers, younger kids and teenagers. Expect live music, lots of crafting, games and more.



Cock & Bull is a small festival, but that doesn’t mean that we scrimp on the fun and thought-provoking. As with previous years, we’ll be packing our beautiful farm with fantastic stages and areas for your festival pleasure…


The Healing Space

As much as Cock & Bull is about having fun it’s also about reconnecting with yourself and the world; the Healing Space is the perfect place to do this. Come and relax, take part in workshops and treat yourself to some downtime. SEE THE LINE UP HERE

The Craft Field

We love to get crafty, and the Craft Field is the place to do it. Come and slow down, relax and get creative. Workshops will include watercolour painting, green woodwork, jewellery making and more. SEE THE LINE UP HERE

The JF Talks Tent

Never one to shy away from important issues, the JF Talks Tent will have a curated lineup of guest speakers and discussions. There will be a host of topics including Jamie’s Farm and education, as well as many TED style talks. SEE THE LINE-UP HERE

The Field

The fringe of the festival, the area you’re never sure what’s going to happen until you realise it’s the start of the farmer Olympics, or you’re hula hooping with Marawa’s Majorettes, it is also the home of the camera obscura.

The Farmer Olympics

One of the highlights, for many, of the festival is the Farmer Olympics. Just like the real-life Olympics, festival goers are pushed to the peaks of endurance with demonstrations of skill in walloping wellies, throwing hay bales, avoiding getting eggs on their face and more – just like the real-life Olympics, only more farmer.


The Campsite

One of the best things about Cock & Bull is that the campsite is only a five-minute walk to your car and the main festival arena – no hauling your belongings for miles! Our beautiful campsite provides you with outdoor compost toilets and showers.
Campervans are allowed with a campervan ticket.

The Info Tent

Need some general info about Cock & Bull? This is where you go. It’s also the main headquarters for the festival and where you can get your merch.

This year we asked our followers on our social media channels to come up with another suitably punny theme and they went for…


In time honoured C&B tradition, our 2018 theme is another farmer related pun. This time a play on the classic Transformers cartoon & movie strap-line. We are thinking robots, futuristic visions, superheroes / super-villains, utopian (dystopian) creations? It’s wide open for you to run with it where you please.
Let your imagination go wild. Feel free to be in fancy dress all weekend long. Of course there’s no obligation to dress up. But a little bit of sparkle for the Saturday night procession is definitely encouraged.

Inclusivity / Theme statement

Cock & Bull festival is a place where all are welcome. We expect everyone to behave kindly and with civility to each other.

Regardless of your background, sex, ethnicity, political views, disability, age, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, you are most welcome at Cock & Bull.

This year’s theme is not meant to cause offence to anyone. It is an old fashioned play on words, based on the Transformers robot cartoon and movies. We aim to organise a safe and inclusive event where anyone can be who they want and dress up however they like. We are aware that the trans-community is one that is fighting hard to have its voice heard. We will also be having talks and discussions about gender and identity in the Jamie’s Farm talks tent over the weekend.