Blue Planet II and David Attenborough, we salute you! Change is starting to happen and we welcome the #plasticless revolution. Here at Cock and Bull we have always tried to be sustainable but this year we are trying our hardest to be the best we can.

Pip, our Sustainability Coordinator, for the festival has been reviewing and helping implement and change things to help us reduce our impact.

She has created our Sustainability Policy, which we will be using this year to guide how we buy food and drink, merchandise, how we touch the farm lightly, how we can travel sustainability and the perks past to you for this. As part of this, we have signed up to the Festival Vision: 2025. This is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry. The 2025 Pledge brings together festivals big and little that wish to take action to create a sustainable future and it is now part of our mandate to be better and try to meet all these targets by this date.

Our Sustainability Policy is available for your perusal in the FAQs; however, here are some key aspects where we need your help to make the festival more sustainable than ever:

  • The amazing Boston Tea Party will be keeping us refreshed and awake with their teas and coffees. They have taken a stand and are no longer using single use takeaway cups, we welcome this and will join with them, so either bring your keep cup or buy one at the festival!
  • No bottled water will be sold on site in order to reduce plastic; instead, fresh drinking water will be available at the bars or from taps around the festival. As this is the case, please do bring a reusable bottle or again buy one of our Cock and Bull Festival stainless steel water flasks;
  • Please try not to bring things on site that are wrapped in plastic or plastic bottles, we love snacks, foods and drinks and the festival has an amazing selection but if you are bringing items, please de-wrap before or bring in Tupperware;
  • Thought about how you are getting to the festival yet? Up for the challenge of a cycle and a free pint? If that does not take your fancy and you will drive, why not fit in a few new friends and offer a lift on our GoCarShare page! If you have three or more people in your car, our lovely car parking stewards will give you a £5 pixie token to spend at the festival;
  • Another way you can reduce your impact by car is by balancing your festival miles with Energy Revolution, now available as one of our ticket options. 100% of your donation will be invested directly into clean renewable energy – helping to tackle the environmental impacts of your journey and turning a problem into a solution! Already brought your ticket? It’s not too late, you can go back to our tickets and buy it separately if you want. Just look for the “£3 Carbon balancing – donation to Energy Revolution” option towards the bottom of the tickets;
  • Do you love a jog? It is not for everyone, but if you do, bring your gear as we will be “Plogging” at the festival. This is a fitness craze that is sweeping the streets and will be on the programme for all you budding running enthusiasts. Picking litter whilst running will be happening on both the Saturday and Sunday for your enjoyment, but also to help us sort our waste and recycling;
  • Other things you can do to help us is to make sure you bring biodegradable glitter. We love glitter but the sheep that use the field don’t think it tastes great;
  • Bring your own cutlery and plates, which you then take home, this will help us to create less waste. Ask for your food to be put on your plate. Do not be shy, we will be happy to do so!

A huge thanks to Pip for her work on this who is one of our marvellous volunteers.