In time honoured Cock & Bull fashion, we have come up with a farm based theme for this years Saturday night spectacular. Drum roll please… Our 2018 festival theme is…. 

“Transformers – Farmers in Disguise”

We invite you to become robots, dream up futuristic visions, superheroes / super villains, space oddities, utopian (dystopian) futuristic creations? Let your imagination go wild. Feel free to be in fancy dress all weekend long. Of course there’s no obligation to dress up. But a little bit of sparkle for the Saturday night procession is definitely encouraged. If you can fashion a farmyard / animal related pun into your costume – you will score extra points! As always there will be a prize for the most fabulous outfit.

In years gone by, Saturday night at Cock & Bull has been truly glorious. Pun-tastic themes have pushed your creativity and endeavour to the limits. You, the Cock & Bull faithful, have never failed to deliver. Who can forget  ‘Turnip The Beet’ (Come as celebrity fruit or veg)  ‘Insecticider’ (Insects) and ‘Almost Famous’ (Famous animals)…

It’s up to you to run with this theme however you see fit, there’s no obligation to dress up. We suggest picking a character / role model, creating a backstory and have fun with it.

2016 – Turnip The Beet