Festival season is fast approaching, and with the recent Bank Holiday heatwave it got us talking about how to cope at a UK festival when the sun is beating down on you – while still maintaining your plastic free (or as much as you can be) lifestyle. It may seem like one of the rarest issues to deal with at a UK music festival, but here at Cock & Bull we’ve been fortunate with some marvellous weather in recent years.

So, here’s how we survive a festival in a heatwave without using too much plastic…

Drink Plenty Of Water

Might seem painfully obvious but when the sun is shining, and the cider is flowing, it’s often easy to forget to take your H2O – which is a fast track for getting too pissed and suffering from sun stroke. To minimise the amount of plastic you need to use we’ll provide free drinking water from taps so that you can use your reusable cups and flasks.

Wear Sunscreen

Baz Luhrmann wasn’t wrong – it’s important to wear sunscreen. You know that, we know that, let’s all make sure we don’t forget it. However, sunscreen is not the most eco-friendly of products. But don’t worry, we’ve found a zero waste sunscreen based in the UK. They’re called Shade and they only use four eco-friendly ingredients and no plastic! Check them out here

Get Some Shade – The Other Kind

If you want to forgo sunscreen (and we don’t recommend that) then make sure you stay in the shade when it’s really hot. Our main stage, AKA the Lambing Shed, is an actual lambing shed – so inside and cool; the Full Circle Stage, or the Acoustic Stage, has some cover; as does the Kids Tent, the Food Barn, the Healing Space, the Craft Field and the JF Talks Tent- so we’ve got you covered, literally.  Take a look at our line up here. Also, an umbrella isn’t just good for protecting you from the rain!

Bring Your Waterproofs

Because we still live in the UK and it’s probably going to rain at some point!

We can not wait to see you all on the 10th-12th August! Pray to the weather gods but we’re going to have a right knees up no matter what! If you haven’t got your tickets then you can go and get them here.