Dear Cock & Bull, 

It’s with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that ‘Flo the Goat’ has passed away. It’s really sad news. She lived to a grand old age and fell ill a few months ago.

Flo and Mark

As many of you will know, she was a truly extraordinary goat. Over the years she has become the mascot and ‘spirit animal’ of Cock & Bull. Often peoples’ most lasting memory of the festival will involve a tale about Flo. 

Nine years ago, Steve and Debbie first met Flo at Frome market. She was in a pen with five other goats and she stood out, with her hooves up on the railings nuzzling everyone as they went past. Debbie, who didn’t always accompany Steve to market was smitten, and they bought the whole pen of goats. Selling the other five on so that they could bring Flo home with them. 

Every year, as we arrived to setup for the festival, Flo would be there to greet us. She was a remarkably social animal and would always be where the action was taking place during the festival. And then would be the last one to wave us off at the end. It seemed as if she would be waiting all year for the Cock & Bull family to return to the farm.

She brought an anarchic edge to proceedings wandering backstage, joining workshops, rummaging around the tents, disrupting talks to eat the foliage or snoozing in the acoustic stage. She even learned how to open the farm gates to snuggle up with the sheep during lambing at the farm. 

Cock & Bull won’t be the same without Flo, but we will definitely be honouring her in our special way at this year’s festival. So please share your Flo memories below or on our social channels, and see you in the summer. Love to all, Henry and the Cock & Bull team x