Can I volunteer?

Yes please! Complete our Volunteer Form and become a member of our amazing volunteer team!

Can I perform or run a workshop?

We’d love to hear from you – please click this link.

Who is the festival for?

The festival is truly for everyone – young and old, near and far. We have something for everyone.

How long has the festival been going?

2018 will be the seventh year! We have kept it the same size, just improved things and got more creative people involved each year. The festival is run by a group of friends and volunteers for the inspirational youth charity Jamie’s Farm.

Where is it?

The exact location will be given to you when you buy your ticket, along with directions. We can say that it’s near Bath and it’s not at Jamie’s Farm. If you have a ticket – we will send emails with detailed directions, so please check the ticket holders newsletter.

Can I Cycle To The Festival?

We would love you to cycle to our festival this year, this can be a tiring journey so to encourage this we will be offering a free pint to those that arrive by bike, just tweet/instagram/facebook us a picture of you setting off and your bike and gear on arrival and a cider or beer is on us! We will also be providing some makeshift cycle racks that you can use and we will send out some information on the best cycle routes in the weeks prior to the festival. Don’t forget to bring your D Lock!

Can I offer or share a lift?
We have teamed up with the friendly people at GoCarShare to help encourage as many of you as possible to share car journeys by offering lifts. Just click on our page and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way.
Go on, not only will you be saving the planet a little at a time, but you’ll be saving pennies too!
Can I get there by public transport?

There are train stations within 5 miles of the festival but you’ll need to get a friend to pick you up or take a taxi to get from the station to the festival.

Is it a camping festival?

Yes, we have a beautiful campsite and will provide clean showers and toilets and easily accessible taps for all. Families can camp in the family camping area for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Can I bring a camper van?

Camper vans are very welcome but you need to get a live in vehicle pass when you buy your ticket.

Is it okay to bring kids?

Yes, we are a family-friendly event with special activities programmed for kids and an amazing playground on site. Of course, it is still a festival and you are responsible for looking after your children whilst on site.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, we can’t allow pets as there are too many other animals about on the farm.

How do I get a ticket?

We work with an e-ticket system. When you purchase your e-ticket you will be provided with a secure individual pin code that you simply need to memorise and present at the gate. We use billetto who run the ticketing for many respected festivals. E-tickets are the most cost-effective way to manage this part of the event. If you have any questions, please call the support line on 0800 043 0401.

Are you selling tickets on the gate?

We are a very small event and expect to sell all tickets in advance. If this does not happen there will be a limited number of tickets available on the gate.

Can I buy a paper ticket?

No, for this small event we are only selling tickets online. If you do not have internet access you will have to ask a friend to buy you a ticket.

What are the opening/closing hours?

The site will open at 3pm on Friday 10th August. Everyone must leave the site by 7pm on Sunday 12th August. We want you to stay and enjoy the Sunday afternoon with us.

Friday 10th August: Gates open at 3pm. Gates close at 11pm.

Saturday 11th August: Gates open at 10am. Gates close at 11pm.

Sunday 12th August: Everyone offsite by 7pm.

What to bring?

The usual festival fare

Musical instruments – especially ukuleles for the workshop!

sun cream

dancing shoes

random gifts for people camping near you

sun umbrella (to keep the sun off you but there’s plenty of shade on site)


sun lounger


yoga mat

frisbee / football


wellies and waterproof

sleeping bag




fancy dress costume and accessories


hula hoop


loo roll

water flask

mozzie repellent

sun glasses

walkie talkie


wet wipes

chess / backgammon / cards

positive attitude/ jokes/ anecdotes / love – you know the rest!

How can I help Cock & Bull reduce waste?

Plan what you bring on site.Think less plastic-packaged items and more compostable things. Bring reusable bottles for water, cups and cutlery. For more inspiration see our eco-ranger Green Livvy’s Plastic Free Camper Guide.

Support the charity and buy a coffee cup, plastic drink cup or water bottle. Using these will reduce our waste bills and generate more money for the charity.

Bring your own reusable items. Water bottles, coffee cups and glasses can all be refilled and reused.

Don’t contaminate recycling (this means mix it up). Only put items in their correct bin. Put compost in the composting bins. If waste gets contaminated with food or mixed up it will have to go to landfill.

Join an upcycle workshop. Learn how to upcycle and reuse items so you can share the knowledge with your friends and family and inspire others.

Report a water leak. Help us save water by reporting any water leaks around the site and turn off any running taps you see.

Complete the post-event questionnaire. Let us know what you thought worked and what initiatives were visible so we can improve what we do.