Cock & Bull festival and Daddy Cool Promotions are proud to present:… Desert Island Disco… where we hand the decks over to you.

Expect rave anthems, fake moustaches, Carly Simon, farmers in drag, techno madness, plenty of glitter,  ACDC, flowers in your hair, anything by Queen and plenty more silliness.

No More complaining about DJs not playing the tracks you want to hear.

We want you all to dig deep into your record collection, purge your CD Rack and interrogate your iTunes. Its time to pick 5 of your favourites of what you’d play if you were picked to dj at Cock and Bulls best party. You will get to play 3 of your tracks and if the crowd deem you worthy 3 lucky winners will get to play the final sets and added into the ‘greatest Dj of all time hall of fame’ so please pick carefully there is a trophy and everything.

We will not be able to include everyone’s choice, so pick carefully, good tunes are preferred but as always anything goes at a Daddy Cool night.

The important part: It’s probably easier if you own the tunes on either Vinyl, CD, or on a USB memory stick and have them emailed to us before the event (in MP3 format only) or be able to bring them to the night, then you can play them, with heavy assistance from us if needed. However, you can also use Spotify. It’s probably best that you make sure the tracks are downloaded in Spotify – wifi is going to be good on the farm but you never know!

Last entry for submissions is Wednesday 1st of August 2018, we’ll let you know Friday 4th August 2018 if you’ve been selected to lug your much coveted music to the event (or we download it if you’re lazy), check your email! All ages welcome.

To get your list to us you need to either:

a) Email the list to,

b) Message Cock & Bull on Facebook or add your tunes as a comment to one of their Desert Island Disco posts (there will be one every Friday)

No turning up on the night with a bag full of tunes without pre warning (unless they are good), no messages in a bottle down the River (we live upstream).

See you on the farm. Not got your tickets yet? Get them here.