Jonathan Kay

Not to be missed! Jonathan Kay is an absolute Cock & Bull festival favourite!

Jonathan Kay is recognised as a leading performer in the ‘Theatre of Immediacy’ of Fooling, and is a highly respected practitioner and teacher of Fooling workshops. He has performed and taught in Canada, USA, Australia, Berlin, Hamburg, Cork, France, Sweden, Edinburgh, Dublin, Barcelona, Bosnia, Jordan and extensively throughout the UK.

He is part of the family at Glastonbury Festival, with over 25 successive years in the main Theatre tent, and has performed at countless festivals across Europe including Rudolstadt, Sweden’s ‘No Mind’ festival, Shambala, Secret Garden, Wilderness and the Sunday Papers Live in London. In 2017 he was invited to give a sold out talk as part of TedX Manchester where he turned the event completely on it’s head to a rapturous audience.