Jally Kebba Susso

Jally Kebba Susso is a UK based kora player, born and raised into 74 generations of Gambian musical heritage.  The kora is the traditional harp of the griot of West Africa. But Jally is not your ordinary griot.

On a mission to forge a new trajectory for the traditional sound, Jally skillfully blends his own psychedelic concoction of jazz, rock, blues and Afro-funk that is immediately accessible and uplifting.

Jally was exposed to incredible musicianship from a very early age. Under the guidance of his father Bully Suso, a very well-respected kora player, and his elder brothers by 13 he was touring internationally.

He honed his sound over years of experimentation on the London underground scene since 2002 when he relocated to UK. In 2007 he formed his band and has since released two albums Banjul-London (2017) and Malaye Warr (2012) and gigged extensively at festivals such as at Wilderness, Shambala and Secret Garden Party.