Ancestral Movement

With Matt Richards

Popularised by Ido Portal, movement culture is now a global phenomenon.

Have you ever wondered why you’re in pain too much of the time? Simply put, humans don’t move right anymore! We have lost our ‘ancestral’ or ‘original’ movement and are stiff, sore and inflexible. In this fun and accessible workshop, Matthew will take you through basic movement principles and get you doing some easy, fun and simple movements that will get you feeling more like the human animal you are!

Tried yoga but it was too trendy, expensive and fast? No matter what shape you’re in this is an easy way to get you connected to your body again in a fun way (Outside weather permitting).

Matt is a professional trainer for the NHS where he teaches movement and health & safety principles. He has trained thousands of people in simple movement techniques and his sessions are always fun and informal educational experiences with easy to grasp ideas.