Last year we laid on a brilliant selection of daytime activities and we’re definitely bringing this element of the festival back again for 2012. Below is a taster, with many more workshops and pop-up stalls new for 2012 on the way!!

Farmer Olympics - Yes, yes! If you were there last year you know! The passion, the hay and the eggs! The champions will be back to fight for their titles and glory! No Westfield or corporate sponsors here!

Butchery demo - Neil Hooper is a master butcher and his family have run the village butchers since 1860. He is an expert in traditional methods of meat cutting and runs Church Farm Meats. We’re very glad that he’ll be running the bbq all weekend!

An Optimists tour of the future!” We welcome acclaimed author Mark Stevenson to discuss if we really are doomed for ‘farmaggedon’ or, rather, does science provide reasons to be optimistic? If you are interested in what the future holds, catch his talk.


Gardens - Stroll around the gardens of a National Trust mansion? Don’t mind if I do! Over the weekend there will be opportunities to amble around the beautiful gardens, terraces, orchards and topiary houses of the nearby 15th century manor house.

Chivaree Circus – ‘The circus of discord and harmony‘ will bring their hula, fire and magic to the fields of cock and bull! You are never to old to run away to the circus!

Singing workshop – “If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.’ Sophia is a community workshop leader, based in Hackney, to involve as many people as making music as possible! Give it a go!

Yoga & MeditationSelina is based in Germany and teaches yoga and meditation with a passion! She runs retreats and workshops throughout Europe and Asia. There’s no better way to get back to your centre than through yoga. For the brave at heart, there will be a sunrise meditation on Saturday and Sunday.

Upcycle exchange - The inspirational Upcycle team will be running workshops to show you how simple it is to be crafty with rubbish. Bring any rubbish you find and exchange it for treasure

Skimming stones – and other ways of being in the wild- Authors Rob & Leo will be hosting a talk to inspire you about nature and running small practical workshops to demonstrate the simple pleasures in life. Have you ever built and flown your own kite? Can you build the perfect fire?

Socktopus - Socktopus is an Arts & Crafts workshop which aims to run a variety of puppetry workshops, for children and adults to promote creativity and artistic opportunities.

“Green and pleasant land” – fuses physical theatre, live music and folk traditions in an epic adventure for audiences aged 5 upwards. Join us on a quest powered by bicycle-generators through lands of curious customs and peoples of peculiar habits, to find a happier, greener future.

“Amazing camera obscura” – Look out for our camera obscura tent and staggering images. It works by light entering a dark room through a small hole, physics does the rest!